What Is The 2021 JEEP® Gladiator's Towing Capacity?

Jeep® Gladiator towing is the modern-day automotive equivalent of the gladiatorial games. This bold truck lines up among the rest, and its towing capability always stands out and pulls ahead of the pack instantly, scoring it the ultimate win amongst its class. Not only is it singular in its looks, but it's singular in its vast capabilities. Intrigued yet?

What Is the Towing Capacity of a JEEP® Gladiator?

The Jeep® Gladiator towing capacity is freedom from the clutches of other, less capable vehicles. The Jeep® Gladiator towing capacity is the extra strength you need to get through the day. The Jeep® Gladiator towing capacity is what gives you an edge over everyone else when getting the job done. Whatever you need, every trim level of the new Jeep® Gladiator for sale can provide.

Max Towing Capacity of the JEEP® Gladiator

Different trim levels of the Jeep® Gladiator are rated for different max towing capacities. For example, the Jeep® Gladiator Rubicon towing capacity is different from the rating for the Jeep® Gladiator Overland. However, you'll find that they're all more than capable of getting the job done. Check out the max tow rating for each trim in the Jeep® Gladiator towing capacity chart below.

Trim Max Towing Capacity
Sport 4,000 lbs.
Willys Sport 4,000 lbs.
Sport S 4,000 lbs.
Willys 4,000 lbs.
Overland 4,000 lbs.
80th Anniversary 4,500 lbs.
Mojave 4,500 lbs.
Rubicon 4,500 lbs.
High Altitude 6,000 lbs.

As you can see, the higher the trim level, the more you can tow. The High Altitude is quite aptly named, as it has the highest max tow rating at an incredible 6,000 lbs. That's a lot of freedom to tow whatever you need (or want).

However, you haven't even seen the best of it yet. The Jeep® Gladiator towing capacity with Max Tow package reaches up to a stellar 7,650 lbs., which is the Best-in-Class rating for gas towing.

Daring Diesel

On your Jeep® Gladiator, you can choose from a 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine that takes regular unleaded gas, or you can choose from the daring 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 engine. Not only does it offer Best-in-Class torque of up to 442 pound-feet, but it also ups the max towing capacity for the trims it is available on. The 2021 Jeep® Gladiator diesel towing capacity is 6,500 lbs., which is 500 more than the base, non-diesel engine can offer on even the highest trim available.

Get a JEEP® Gladiator and Rule the Realm of Towing

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