SmartBeam is a Great Piece of 2014 Technology

With today being the last of the year, we have been doing some chatting here in the Baker Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram showroom. There have been a lot of vehicles and features introduced to the new Chrysler lineup since the beginning of 2014 and we discussing our favorites.

The new Jeep Cherokee is definitely a winner, but several staff members are partial to the new Dodge Charger. More specifically, they are partial to the new SmartBeam headlight management system that can be added on to new Charger models as an option.

Pretty neat huh? We certainly wouldn't mind never having to think about adjusting our high-beams ever again. If you feel the same way, then just make a stop at our dealership. We would be happy to take you out for a test drive in the new Charger and answer any questions you may have.

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